iWizardz is a forward-thinking, fast-paced marketing company possessing an innate ability to read the market and align the marketing strategies of its clients to their business goals.

Our work processes have been developed and perfected over years, based on our interaction with clients, their needs, and how we can best communicate what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the results obtained from our marketing campaigns.

With our systems, processes and structures in place, we ensure that every project we undertake has a clear purpose attributed to it, and we create a strategy as per the goals to be achieved in a set time frame.

Moreover, our founder himself being an entrepreneur, works in tandem with objectives of a business owner for each and every project, deploying all available resources, making sure that the required goal is achieved.

We are agile and resilient to quickly adapt to the changing dynamics of the market conditions as well as your industry.

All projects, however big or small, go through the following 5 steps:

On Boarding







The above factors, coupled with our resolve of handling each project as per its unique attributes, as well as the domain expertise and unflinching efforts of our team members, have made iWizardz the first choice of companies and individuals looking for the desired results at reasonable costs.

The Values We Live By